Friday, June 18

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Poland has turned its largest stadium into an emergency field hospital. The numbers of Covid-19 patients in Belgium and Britain have doubled in two weeks. And doctors and nurses in the Czech Republic are falling ill at an alarming rate.

While hospitals in Europe were initially spared the mass influx of patients they faced during the outbreak in the spring, a second wave of serious illness is here and hospitals could become overrun, new data released on Thursday shows.

The number of Covid-19 patients in hospitals across the continent is still less than half of the peak in March and April, but it is rising each week. People across much of Europe are now more likely to be hospitalized after contracting the virus than those in the United States.

What to watch: Some experts worry that countries that let their guards down did not increase hospital capacity during a temporary reprieve and are not prepared. Deaths in most of Europe have ticked slowly upward, and experts say increases in deaths are likely over the next couple of weeks.

Quotable: “While it is abundantly clear that certain former employees broke the law, lied to our colleagues and circumvented firm controls, this fact does not relieve me or anyone else at the firm of our responsibility,” the bank’s chief executive, David Solomon, said in a statement.

President Trump has treated many European leaders with contempt, and many look forward to the possibility of Joe Biden winning the presidency. But four years of America-first policies have changed the dynamic in ways that will not easily be reversed.

A fundamental trust has been broken, and many Europeans believe that U.S. foreign policy is no longer reliable. “Biden doesn’t solve their America problem,” said Jeremy Shapiro of the European Council on Foreign Relations. “People have learned that the U.S. can’t be trusted on foreign policy, because the next administration will come in and wipe it away.”

Huawei: The tech giant unveiled the Mate 40 series, the first top-of-the-line smartphones to be released since the Trump administration imposed sharp limits on Huawei’s ability to buy computer chips anywhere in the world. The restrictions may mean that supplies of the phones will be limited.

Lebanon: Despite calls for change, the country’s president has tapped Saad Hariri, the former prime minister who stepped down last year amid antigovernment protests, to again try to form a government. For many, he symbolizes the corruption so many have fought to change.

Poland: A court ruled that abortions for fetal abnormalities violate the country’s Constitution, effectively imposing a near-total ban in a nation that already had some of Europe’s strictest abortion laws.

TikTok: The video platform announced that it was cracking down on QAnon supporters and hate speech, with policy changes restricting content.

Step 2: See the Light

When setting up your smartphone shot, avoid firing the flash. The unexpected pop may startle your pet, and the glare reflected in the back of the animal’s retinas usually creates eerie red or green eyes. Natural light — outdoors or from a window — often works best.

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