Friday, June 18

Echo Mine dances to the music of Califone

With exploding case numbers and a lack of leadership on the national level, the COVID-19 pandemic shows no signs of disappearing anytime soon. Among many other facets of life, the pandemic has irrevocably damaged the sustainability of the city’s dance community. Unlike the general music community — which can acquire some funding through record and merch sales — the city’s dance companies lack alternative models of financing. Still, that hasn’t disrupted the spirit of the artists and choreographers, including Robyn Mineko Williams, who has re-partnered with experimental rock group Califone, for “Echo Mine v2,” a restaging of her late 2019 dance work. This latest version will be available for streaming on October 27 through Audiotree, the Chicago-based label and artist discovery platform dedicated to filming live music sessions from around the world.

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