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Election results 2020: Jacinda Ardern wears outfit by fashion designers Maaike for election night


Jacinda Ardern at Labour HQ last night. Photo / File


Jacinda Ardern continues to support New Zealand designers by wearing an outfit designed Maaike for her election night victory speech.

The New Zealand brand has taken to Facebook to share its delight.

“We dressed our spectacular leader in a simple and elegant dress and pant combination.”

“We will talk more about this but for now we are just so proud of such an emphatic and historic win for Labour and we feel very honoured to have played a teeny tiny part in her night,” the fashion brand wrote on its Facebook page.

Many Facebook users commented, and shared their thoughts on the outfit.

“The outfit was perfect,” one person commented.

Another said: “Loved the pants with it stylish and edgy what an honour to dress this fabulous woman love how she supports NZ made.”

Ardern wore a loose-fitting red top and pants with a pair of gold earrings.

Maaike is run by designers Abby van Schreven and Emillie Pullar.

Last night the Auckland Town Hall was a sea of red.

Ardern arrived at the venue to scenes of jubilation and was joined on the stage by her partner Clarke Gayford and fellow Labour MPs.

Jacinda Ardern gave a gracious victory speech after a landslide victory.

“Tonight New Zealand has shown the Labour Party its greatest support in at least 50 years,” she told supporters.

It was all smiles from Jacinda Ardern and her partner Clarke Gayford last night. Photo / File
It was all smiles from Jacinda Ardern and her partner Clarke Gayford last night. Photo / File

There were lots of thank yous and talk of New Zealanders moving forward together.

Labour has almost 50 per cent of the vote — the most any party has achieved under MMP and easily enough to govern without relying on another party, meaning it will get more than the 61 seats needed for a parliamentary majority.

However, the night was an absolute bloodbath for Judith Collins’ National Party — and Labour’s former coalition partner NZ First was kicked out of Parliament. It came in well under 30 per cent — a result that would give it about 35 seats. That is 20 fewer than the last election.

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