Friday, June 18

Divorced woman accuses brothers of gang rape in India

A picture of a distraught child. Photo: file

An Indian woman accused her brothers of gang raping her in India, according to Indian media reports.

The woman alleged that her brothers had been subjecting her to rape over the past eight months. The woman said that she had not been unable to complain to police earlier as her parents threatened her against going to the cops and beat her up.

A complaint of rape against the brothers was registered by police in the Misrod police station. The alleged victim’s parents were also nominated in an FIR for criminal conspiracy.

The woman’s mother had filed a complaint against the alleged victim on August 22. In the FIR, she had accused her daughter of harassing, assaulting and extorting her.

The alleged victim had been arrested and produced in court where her mother accused her of demanding Rs1 million each from her brothers and forcing her mother to transfer the family’s house in her name.

The alleged victim is separated from her husband and divorced proceedings from her second husband are pending before a court as well.

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