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Dana Balter and John Katko, on the issues: Infrastructure | Politics

Beyond bridges and roads, she supports investments in water systems. She wants to ensure that lead pipes aren’t being used to deliver water to residents, but she’s also concerned about the environmental damage that can happen if an aging line ruptures. 

One lesson from the pandemic is the need for investments in broadband. She believes that’s not only important for rural communities, where coverage can be spotty, but also for urban areas. 

“With all of the stuff that we’re having to do remotely, especially education for our kids and access to business, it is a huge problem that large portions of our community don’t have reliable access,” she said. 

Modernizing the electric grid is also a priority for Balter. She included this in her proposals to address climate change, but it’s also an infrastructure challenge. She noted that with the advent of renewable energy, there needs to be an effective way to transport that energy to communities. Improving the grid, she said, could create “tons and tons” of jobs. 

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Balter also wants to shift to clean transportation — electric cars, for example — and expand access to public transit. 

“We’ve got to get public transit into parts of our communities that don’t have currently have it,” she said. “Creating it creates jobs, but it’s really important. It’s one of the barriers that we’ve had for a long time for people becoming fully employed.” 

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