Tuesday, June 15

“We’re All Together” – Neighbors Don’t Let Politics Ruin Friendship

HINESVILLE, G.A. — Two men with two opinions, but one message this election year.

These neighbors in Hinesville, Georgia are coming together to put friendship ahead of political differences.

Meet Patrick and Frank.

Long-time neighbors, friends and political rivals.

“I’ve known Frank for over thirty years–thirty years,” said Patrick Underwood, a Biden supporter.

Although the two have different political beliefs, it’s respect they both vote for.

The two found themselves in the same part of town, when they decided to snag this photo holding signs in support of the candidates they’re voting for in the upcoming election.

“Me and frank, we good buddies,” Underwood said. “We gonna take a picture, he hold his Trump, I’ll hold my Biden just because of who we vote for, doesn’t mean we bad people. I said you know Frank you’re a good guy. I don’t care if you support Trump.”

After posting the photo, a positive reaction came from people of both aisles of the political spectrum. Some commenting “This is how everyone should be, we can be different in opinions as long as respect and humanity are shown.”

“I just thought ’bout it and I said man we need to come together as a country cause there’s a lot of stuff going on,” Underwood said.

“You have this problem of Trump’s not gonna get in, Biden’s gonna get in, whoever wins, wins and we move on,” said Frank Scozzafava, a Trump supporter.

The two say that despite having different viewpoints, one thing they can both agree on is a continued friendship.

“We gonna be friends no matter what or who wins. If Trump wins I’ll obviously be upset, but we’ll still be friends,” Underwood said.

“We’re all together. Whoever wins, wins,” Scozzafava said.

And in the end, it comes down to one message:

“We shouldn’t be fighting,” Scozzafava said. “This is our country.”

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