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Fortnite Pro calls World Cup Winner Bugha’s father a leech for prying off his son’s success

Bugha, aka Kyle Giersdorf, is easily one of the most popular names associated with Fortnite. The 17-year old American won the inaugural Fortnite Solos World Cup back in July 2019. Since then, Bugha has managed to build a commendable brand value.

Including the $3 million prize money, he has earned a total of around $9 million since 2019. Much of this success has been down to the deal he signed with VaynerGaming. Bugha was the agency’s first client, and has resultantly signed a plethora of new deals and sponsorships in the past few months.

Image Credits: Esports Insider
Image Credits: Esports Insider

Fortnite Pro calls out the World Cup Winner Bugha’s father a leech for prying off his sons success

Apart from the new deals, Bugha recently renegotiated his salary with Sentinels, and signed a new long-term deal with Twitch as well. On Twitch, he has around 3.2 million followers as of today, along with a further 3.38 million subscribers on YouTube.

Bugha’s tremendous growth and success has been due to a combination of good management and effective marketing. According to Front Office News, VaynerGaming has worked on different fronts to continue Bugha’s growth. Apart from the renegotiations, they have helped him sign new deals and made his social media accounts more active and engaging.

Image Credits: Sentinels
Image Credits: Sentinels

Furthermore, another person who is considered important to Bugha’s success is his father, Glenn Giersdorf. Bugha’s father is the reason he initially developed an affinity for gaming. He has been with Bugha since the beginning of his ‘Esports’ journey, and has a major say in most of the decisions.

This however, has somehow irked Bugha’s fellow Fortnite professional TSM demonada. The streamer/Fortnite player was recently banned on Twitch in early September. Now, he posted the following tweet about Bugha’s father.

As you can see, TSM demonada called Bugha’s father the ‘cringiest dad in the entire universe’, and accused him of being a ‘leech’ to his son’s success. Needless to say, users on Twitter were quick to disagree.

Most people thought that Bugha’s father has every right to be involved as he supported Bugha for 16 years.

One person decided that the post was reason enough to mock TSM demonada’s haircut.

Regardless of whether or not it was meant as a joke, it does appear that TSM demonada has crossed a line going after Bugha’s father.

Published 01 Oct 2020, 00:23 IST

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