Thursday, June 24

The Women Of Color Activists Behind Sustainable Fashion

For New York-based, Lebanese-Canadian designer, writer, and advocate Céline Semaan, the experience of being born in war-torn Lebanon shaped her relationship with sustainable fashion. After witnessing firsthand war’s cost to both human rights and environmental justice, in 2013 she founded Slow Factory, a nonprofit working at the intersection of climate and culture through open education, action, reports, and scientific innovation. With a focus on the fashion industry, Slow Factory explores equity-centered and science-driven solutions that benefit the planet and its people. From Open Education, an online free school exploring everything from labor and racial justice to transparency and greenwashing, to projects like Landfills as Museums, where fashion design students are taken to landfills to see where clothes go after they are used, Semaan’s holistic, human-centered hub is a priceless resource for anyone looking to educate themselves on fashion’s impact on every living thing. 

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