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Wolverine Challenge, Where to locate the Trask Truck

This week’s Wolverine challenge is actually fairly straightforward. Players are simply asked to locate the Trask Mutant Transport Truck on the Fortnite map. Once you have found the truck, if your other Fortnite Wolverine challenges are completed, then you should receive a notification telling you that you’ve found it.

Where to find the Trask Mutant Transport Truck

Players only need to go to the Truck’s location in the top left of the map to complete this challenge. Simply start up a new game of Fortnite and drop on the truck before moving on, and you’ll be one step closer to claiming your own Wolverine skin.

What is the significance of the Trask Mutant Transport Truck in Fortnite

Fans of the X-Men series might recognize the name Trask. Bolivar Trask is an important villain to the X-Men, being a weapons developer and CEO of Trask Industries. His most noteworthy development was the construction of the Sentinel robots which were programmed to hunt, capture, and eliminate mutants.

He is one of the most important leaders in the anti-mutant camp, inventing, funding, and producing the best anti-mutant weapons in the world, in addition to performing experiments on mutants, hence the Trask Transport Truck in Fortnite.

His existence is why Magneto and Mystique became such fervent mutant supremacists. Trask’s anti-mutant crusade radicalized the two most well known villains in the X-Men universe and led to some of the biggest and most destructive conflicts in the franchise.

How Trask ties in to the Fortnite-Marvel crossover event

Locating the Trask Truck in Fortnite is part of a greater story in Fortnite that players can experience first hand. With it being a part of Wolverine’s unique Fortnite challenges, we can assume it has something to do with the way Wolverine often takes mutant matters into his own hands (claws?).

Players should be sure to keep this in mind when the next Wolverine challenge comes out, as we may be able to come to some conclusions about what exactly Wolverine has been doing on the Fortnite island.

Published 25 Sep 2020, 00:07 IST

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