Monday, June 14

From Lady Gaga to granny scarves: this week’s fashion trends | Fashion

Going up

‘Random’ Word of the week, describing mismatched clothes. See its wry use by TikToker Watson in the viral Gucci challenge.

Mask-wearing in the Chromatica era Lady Gaga’s mask selection at the VMAs had a Lord Of The Rings aesthetic.

Grandma scarves As seen on Robert Pattinson in Tenet, artfully twirled and possibly smelling of mothballs.

Elle Lorraine in Bad Hair.

Elle Lorraine in Bad Hair. Photograph: Tobin Yelland/Hulu

Hair-orr films A new scary movie subgenre about possessed dos is coming, starting with Bad Hair starring Elle Lorraine.

Monica Braithwaite We have Rihanna’s mum to thank for Fenty, as the singer named Mon as the woman who taught her about clothes and makeup.

Going down

Celebrity booze From Brad Pitt’s wine to Cara Delevingne’s prosecco (pictured with sisters Poppy and Chloe), just stamping an A-list name on doesn’t make it worth the corkage. It tastes a bit, um, C-list?

‘Death of the suit’ Can Keanu save it? Apparently, he requested his character in Bill & Ted Face The Music wears one.

Personal trainers Like gilets and eating out, the Conservatives spoil everything. Now that Boris Johnson has a PT, they seem a bit… Tory?

US boy scouts The girl scout uniform just got a fabulous re-up, so they have the edge on their male counterparts.

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