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Mobile Entertainment Leader Jam City Selected As Official Polling Center In Los Angeles County

In addition to being named a vote center, Jam City is also kicking off a series of get-out-to-vote initiatives beginning this month with #LevelUptheVote, where it will rally its gaming community of millions of players to drive voter registration and participation in the U.S. 2020 November elections. Further, Jam City announces a partnership with the non-profit, nonpartisan organization When We All Vote to help drive voter registration and election participation in an effort to help drive millions of people to register during National Voter Registration Week of Action September 20th-27th.

In-game activations will take place across many of Jam City’s most popular mobile gaming titles.

“Jam City is first and foremost a community of people, and we believe that civic engagement and a contribution to our democracy is our social responsibility,” said CEO Chris DeWolfe. “We encourage our millions of players to participate by registering to vote via Jam City’s award-winning mobile games, and we’re grateful to be selected by the County of Los Angeles as an official mobile polling center where we will host a COVID-safe, fun polling and election event.”

Jam City’s partnership with When We All Vote will work to raise awareness around the importance of voter turnout by encouraging the community and players to register to vote during National Voter Registration Week of Action from September 20 – 27. Jam City will drive its players to the When We All Vote registration page to encourage participation in the election process. In addition, Jam City will reach out to the many businesses, essential workers and robust tech community to participate in the election process.

Voters in Los Angeles County can vote at any official polling location, and are encouraged to vote at Jam City’s Culver City headquarters, outdoors, on November 2, 2020, from 10am to 7pm at 3562 Eastham Dr, Culver City, CA 90232. Voters can also drop off Vote by Mail ballots at this location.

Register to Vote Here:

Members of the media interested in election coverage are encouraged and invited to join us at Jam City’s headquarters. Please reach out to Jam City PR team at: [email protected].

About Jam City
Jam City is an award-winning mobile entertainment studio providing unique and deeply engaging games that appeal to a broad global audience. Led by CEO Chris DeWolfe, former MySpace co-founder and CEO, and COO Josh Yguado, former 20th Century Fox executive, Jam City is the creative powerhouse behind some of the highest-grossing and most enduring mobile games. Jam City’s global franchise Cookie Jam has generated more than half a billion dollars, and Panda Pop has more than 140 million downloads to date. The company also is the go-to studio for Hollywood, having developed immersive, narrative-rich mobile games around iconic entertainment brands. The company’s popular RPG game Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery was the #1 game in more than 40 countries at its launch in April 2018. Jam City has nine studios located in Los Angeles (HQ), Berlin, Buenos Aires, Bogotá, Burbank, Cedar Falls, San Diego, San Francisco, and Toronto.

About When We All Vote
When We All Vote is a national, nonpartisan nonprofit that brings together citizens, institutions, brands, and organizations to increase participation in every election. The organization is committed to closing the race and age voting gap and empowering all eligible voters to cast their ballot by harnessing grassroots energy, establishing strategic partnerships, and implementing digital organizing strategies, with the ultimate goal of changing the culture around voting.

In the leadup to the 2018 Midterm Elections, When We All Vote organized over 2,500 local voter registration events across the country, engaged 200 million Americans online about the significance of voting, and texted nearly four million voters the resources to register and get out to vote.

In 2020, When We All Vote is helping to lead in voter education, registration and volunteer engagement. In response to COVID-19, When We All Vote is leading the fight for fair and safe elections by supporting the expansion of access to vote-by-mail, early in-person voting and online voter registration so every American can make their voices heard on Election Day.


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