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One foot in business, one foot in music

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WXOW) – When you meet Christian Anderson who goes by his stage name Trust’N, his friends and employees are never far behind.

News 19’s Mike Beiermeister met up with him at a photoshoot for his public relations and marketing company, Lost Boy Entertainment.

“I was really on my PR grind,” said Anderson. “I really thought that was what I was going to be doing and I was kind of preparing to be a manager for the artist that I was working with.”

Anderson founded the company in November of 2019 while attending UW-La Crosse. The goal is to help musicians, entrepreneurs, and self-promoters with branding and promotion. His company transformed, growing to eight employees with over 600 clients around the world.

“To have that happen during a pandemic was just amazing and being able to take my friends and watch one after another quit their job, that’s probably the coolest feeling,” said Anderson.

During that time, Anderson continued to pursue his true passion for hip hop and rap music. His song, “Lucy” racked up thousands of plays on iTunes and TikTok which helped him get recognition around the world.

“I just got lucky, and someone found one of my songs, and then I just said, “Well this one that I have that I think is pretty fire,” said Anderson. “I want to release this and then I released that. We ran promo, and then that song is just going nuts right now.”

Anderson promoted the song to his 77,000 followers on Instagram and turned it into a sound on TikTok, all while collaborating with his hometown friend, Lil Myro.

“I mean it’s been crazy,” said Myron Ashford Jr. ‘Lil Myro.’ “Everyone has been saying the music is so good, like reposting it… Like the feedback has been great.”

Trust’N is not new to the rap game. He built a following in Madison, eventually moving to La Crosse for college, a place where he found focus early on.

“The first few years, I didn’t really go out much. I mean, of course, I had my fun. It’s college like you got to, but you know I spent a lot of Saturdays building this and you know writing and making money rather than going out and drinking and getting drunk,” said Anderson.

Anderson was hired as the director of marketing for Bentley Records while still in college.

The 22-year-old worked remotely but took opportunities to travel to New York and Los Angeles to create new connections, sharpening his focus on a career in music.

“At a certain point, I had to realize like if I wanted something I was just going to have to do it by myself,” said Anderson.

Industry experience along with his talent ultimately paid off. the 22-year-old recently signed Stangement where he will work with the same manager that helped develop rap stars like A$AP Ferg and Lil Tjay.

“We have a lot of work to do. By no means, by no means, have we like made it or anything,” said Anderson. “This is where it really begins. This is where the grind really starts like right now.”

For Trust’N, it’s a chance to put Wisconsin on the map when it comes to hip hop and create a pipeline for other artists he’s helped develop.

“I’m glad to just be a part of it you know what I mean? And like where it’s going,” said Lil Myro.

“It takes a lot of strength to get to where you want to go, but if you stick with it, you can truly do whatever it is you want to do and so I just want people to know that, and I hope that that’s like what they see in us,” said Anderson.

Trust’N was planning to drop out of school but decided to finish up. He’ll be taking six credits this fall of online school. Over these next few weeks, he’ll be moving into his new apartment while recording a new album.

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