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Challengers Push Political Independence In McLean County Auditor Bids

The two challengers seeking to become McLean County auditor both say they want politics removed from the office.

The county auditor provides oversight for the county’s finances.

Libertarian Kevin Woodard said if you want an independent auditor, go with the third-party choice.

“One of the advantages I present is a choice who is independent,” Woodard said. “I am not tied to the power structures that exist in both the Republican and Democratic parties in our area.”

Democrat Rob Fazzini said the auditor should be appointed, not elected.

“Why does the auditor need to declare a political party affiliation to perform the job of an independent auditor?” Fazzini asked. “Why does the auditor need to possess skills to be elected by all of the citizens of the county?”

McLean County voters struck down a referendum to make the auditor’s office appointed in 2014.

Fazzini, a former Bloomington city council member and retired banker, and Woodard, who has spent 25 years in traffic engineering, disagree over pay and how that reflects on the value of the office.

Fazzini said the auditor’s job could be done in 30 hours a week. He supports the county’s recent salary cut to $80,000.

“That’s the kind of administration I’d like to be part of, one that is responsive and watching for dollars that were being wasted,” Fazzini said.

Woodard said cutting pay could reduce the number of good candidates.

“The Libertarians are all for cutting government and cutting unnecessary offices, but this isn’t the right office,” Woodard said. “This is a watchdog.”

The general election is Nov. 3.

Fazzini and Woodard participated in a WGLT candidate forum. The current auditor, Republican Michelle Anderson, is on medical leave and was unable to attend.

Anderson was appointed McLean County auditor in 2009 and was elected to four-year terms in 2012 and 2016. In March, she fended off a primary challenge from Trisha Malott, supervisor of the McLean County Behavioral Health Coordinating Council.

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