Wednesday, June 23

Your Monday Briefing – The New York Times

For the third Sunday in a row, tens of thousands of people marched on the palace of President Aleksandr Lukashenko, demanding he resign.

The turnout, at least as large as those of the previous two Sundays, indicated that an explosion of popular fury that began with the Aug. 9 presidential election is nowhere close to abating. Mr. Lukashenko claimed a landslide victory that is widely believed to have been falsified, and initially responded to the mass demonstrations that followed with an aggressive crackdown.

On Sunday, the demonstrators deployed an angry wit but virtually no violence. The authorities refrained from widespread use of force or mass detentions, though the police said more than 100 people had been detained in the capital, Minsk.

Voices: “People have gotten tired of everything and stopped being afraid,” said a protester, amid cries of “Shame!” Other demonstrators chanted, “Go away!” in the direction of the palace. Since it was the president’s birthday, there was also: “Lukashenko, come out! We will congratulate you!”

Closer look: For most of Mr. Lukashenko’s time in office, Belarusians have tolerated the authoritarian leader’s eccentricities. But the coronavirus and the presidential election have together changed the equation.

Official response: “I regret that people might have thought that we were racist,” Tugdual Denis, the deputy editor of the magazine, said on Saturday. “We are nonconformist, we are politically incorrect. That is the DNA of this paper.”

When the bodies of unidentified migrants wash up on the beaches around Nador, a city on Morocco’s Mediterranean coast, they usually go unclaimed at the local morgue. Boubacar Wann Diallo, above, a migrant from Guinea, has made it his life’s work to see that they are identified and get proper burials.

He reaches out to families for photographs, seeks help from consulates and embassies, and has set up a Facebook page with postings to remember the dead. “It’s a joy for me to bury them,” said Mr. Wann Diallo in this profile that highlights the racism and danger faced by migrants, even before they reach Europe.

Portland shooting: A man wearing a hat with the insignia of a right-wing group was shot and killed on Saturday as a large group of supporters of President Trump drove a caravan into Oregon’s largest city, where demonstrators have gathered nightly in protests against police violence and racism. Mr. Trump reiterated his call for the National Guard to be brought in.

Banksy migrant rescue ship: A rescue vessel funded by the British street artist became overloaded and had to evacuate more than 200 migrants in the central Mediterranean — most of them to another humanitarian vessel. Banksy accused European officials of ignoring maritime distress calls from non-Europeans.

Shinzo Abe’s successor: The eventual replacement for the prime minister of Japan, who cited ill health in his decision to resign on Friday, will be confronted with many challenges. But there is no shortage of hopefuls for the role.

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