Sunday, April 18

Prince Harry’s move to the US could backfire on his dreams of a normal life

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s decision to move to the US could potentially soil their plans of living a more normal life for Archie’s sake, according to a number of royal expects, since many are of the opinion that their decision has turned them into the most sought-after celebrities rather than safe and secure royals.

During her interview with Ms Koenig touched upon this view explaining, “I think for Harry that is going to be difficult to swallow. They would have far more privacy living in Frogmore Cottage behind the fences at Windsor Great Park than they will ever have living in a gated community in LA.

“Perhaps this is another stop before they make a final decision of where they want to set up home but I think LA is crazy. They become celebrities as opposed to royal which is two different things.”

“If he or she will here on official business they would have state department security. But they’re not afforded any of that because they’re not here in any capacity as members of the Royal Family.”

However, Prince Harry has publicly been rubbishing these analyses by allegedly “loving life” despite having to “give up his country” as well as in essence ‘everything’ for Meghan and Archie’s happiness. 

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