Sunday, April 18

Drive-In Music at the Park event bring out tunes quarantine-style

Toes were tapping in the city of Beckley as folks from all over gathered to listen to music quarantine-style. The Drive-In Music in the Park event at New River Park allowed those who attended to listen to musicians such as Shane Ingram and Jim Snyder while social-distancing in their cars.

Jill Moorefield, Director of Beckley Events, said that this event was to give those who missed the usual summer events something to go to.

“Well you know, they said we couldn’t do festivals, we couldn’t have big events or anything,” Moorefield explained. “So, we try to come up with some ways to have smaller events, but still let people feel like they were safe in their car and in their space, but still be able to enjoy a concert.”

With distance making it hard for musicians to hear clapping, onlookers are encouraged to honk their horns after the songs.

Snyder said after things having changed since March, it was nice to be performing for others again.

“I’ve been a musician all my life, and this is what I do. And when we lost all of out work back in march, this is a breath of fresh air,” explained Snyder. “t’s like being released from some kind of containment, and I’m sure people are going to feel that too.”

Listeners couldn’t have been happier with the conditions the day presented, one resident reflecting on how all variable’s seemed to line up.

“Oh it’s nice. You look around here, look at the people, families get together and have little picnics. You know, just look around, walk around in this nice beautiful weather, its not too hot, its not too cold, just right.

But the sun setting on what resembled a familiar feeling of summer fun is what truly stood out to attendees, like Scott Worley.

“And to get to see other folks out, and enjoy yourself out in a beautiful setting. You don’t feel quite as cooped up as you normally do.”

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