Sunday, April 18

Adam Lee: New type of politicians needed

I increasingly understand why the vast majority of society is disgusted by politics and elected officials at numerous levels of government.

The once principled and virtuous motivations to public service held by those who seek to serve — not for all, but for far too many — have been hollowed out and filled with self-service and aggrandizement.

The reward structure surrounding today’s politics incentivizes performativity over pragmatic action; symbol over the actual improvement of community; and fame over function.

Some will see my name and assume it is a partisan broadside. It’s not. It applies to many, but it applies to many in both political parties.

I, for one, have had it with those who care more for how their actions will be perceived than how their actions will benefit the lives of their constituents.

I’m not naïve. I understand that selfishly motivated politics are as old as . . . well, politics. But I know we can do better than that.

I hope I’m right. And I hope I’m not alone.

Adam Lee, Auburn

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