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Austin concerts raise money for music students

AUSTIN, Minn. (FOX 47)– On Monday, an outside concert at the Hormel Historic Home was held to support young musicians.

The event is called the Blair Lawhead Memorial Concert.

Blair died a few years ago, but his younger brother Brandon has used Blair’s legacy to help music students.

“I wanted to do a concert in memory of my brother, who was very appreciative of his secondary education in music. He felt like that really helped him in his career in broadway,” Brandon said.

The event included two evening concerts with classical and jazz genres, and a silent auction.

“The money that’s raised goes to the Austin Public Schools’ music program,” Brandon said.

This is the third year for the event.

Brandon said Blair wanted to inspire others with his songs.

“It’s about giving back and I think his legacy is about moving forward with music,” Brandon said

Brandon says during the school year, a member of Bon Jovi, who was also Blair’s friend, will help the music students.

He said last year the event raised more than $4,000. He anticipated the event would raise more than $35,00 this year. He is happy to keep the joy of music alive for his older brother.

“Music is a gift of a lifetime and you to pass that gift on to others and I think he’d be very pleased with that,” Brandon said.

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