Thursday, January 21

The Fashion Industry Looks to a Circular System

The COVID-19 pandemic has made consumers re-evaluate their wardrobes and the fashion industry is listening. It turns out greenhouse gas emissions from textile and clothing factories has reached 1.2 billion tons per year and the impact on the environment is incomprehensible.

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation has created a new initiative to create a circular fashion economy that minimizes the impact on the environment from waste to pollution and the many unnecessary resource expenditures. And DuPont Biomaterials is also offering real solutions that contribute to a circular economy. The company is focused on the role biomaterials have to play in making clothing more renewable and sustainable.

With all of its creativity, the fashion industry is poised to create garments that are eco-friendly with renewable and safe materials that can also be repaired, repurposed and/or recycled.

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