Thursday, April 22

Russian Opposition Leader Navalny Arrives at German Hospital

It’s obvious that something terrible happened. I mean, there was some silly explanations like, ‘oh, this or that or his blood pressure … ’” ”And he’s a healthy, strong man with a good constitution. The night before the attack or whatever you want to call it, he was swimming in a river. And I mean, there’s this video that we’ve all seen from the plane where he gets this incredible pain, he’s screaming, and we got a very clear message also from the doctors that if there would have not been an emergency landing in Omsk, where he was brought to the hospital, if they would have been trying to fly on to Moscow, he would have died. So this is nothing that just comes from, I don’t know, high altitude, or a bit of blood pressure. Obviously, this was an attack on his life.

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