Monday, April 19

Finance industry turns to entertainment content online to expand outreach

In response to the coronavirus epidemic, the finance industry has been exploring new ways to communicate with their users and reach more customers.

Faced with internal challenges  and the explosive growth of people’s cultural and entertainment needs, banks and insurance companies are turning to informative and creative online content to stay connected with their customers.

Take WeSure, Tencent’s insurance agency platform, for example. With innovative livestreaming and amusing short videos, the firm has bid farewell to the past preaching and intimidating marketing routines. Now the public sees the fun, interesting and fashionable side of insurance.

These new presentations have subtly changed the stereotype that insurance is only for a special type of person, increased demand for health protection, and opened up a new era for insurance education, the firm said.

“As purchasing insurance is a kind of ‘slow decision-making’, customers tend to think twice about which insurance provider to partner with,” said Li Xiaocong, marketing director of WeSure.

“We use livestreaming to narrow the distance with customers, showcase our products and help them have a better understanding of insurance.” 

It is reported that the platform added 25 million effective users during the epidemic.

ZhongAn Online P&C Insurance has also made similar efforts to attract more users.

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