Saturday, June 19

Animal Crossing Fashion Archive Has A New Collab

Chung says she loves seeing how the game has created a conversation between designer brands and fashion lovers. “So many people participate in fashion without necessarily buying the clothes. A lot of people don’t have the physical clothes, but, ever since I can remember, so many people have gone to or NET-A-PORTER to make their wish list,” she says. “You don’t need to spend money to be part of this conversation, and brands accept that. They accept that the love for the brand goes beyond having to shell out or having to work hard for access. It’s evening the playing field.” Especially amid lockdown when we couldn’t go to physical stores, there was something comforting about visiting Sandy Liang’s Animal Crossing pop-up or seeing a new collection virtually unveiled on avatars. “What this game shows brands is that, if you give people access, and if you give people these very easy tools to work with, there’s this profound effect.”

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