Tuesday, June 22

South Bend Music Village teaching kids music virtually

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. –– The Music Village in South Bend recently created a children’s workshop to help teach kids music over zoom.

Music instructor Melinda Wesolowski focuses on the basics of Musikgarten, an internationally recognized early childhood music program.  
The program focuses on different rhythms and movements like singing, listening, and playing instruments. 

Wesolowski said since they can’t do music classes in-person, the zoom workshop is a great alternative for kids. 

 “To let them be able to experience the music, come back to the music,” Wesolowski said. “The Musikgarten, it’s a variety. There’s jingles, there’s drums, there is rhythm sticks.” 

Wesolowski said teaching music online does come with its challenges, especially when she’s teaching an instrument. 

 With my piano students sometimes I wish I could reach in and point to the key I want them to play, but with the Musikgarten no,” Wesolowski said. “As long as they’re concentrating on what the lesson is about. Either if it’s about listening, or developing tones and that kind of thing.”  

The next workshop starts on September 5. To register for the Children’s Music Workshop visit the Music Village website at https://www.themusicvillage.org/children-s-workshops

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