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College football 2020: Full week-by-week schedule for every Power 5 conference

The 2020 college football schedule is starting to come into focus for the Power 5 conferences in the FBS.

Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic in the United States, two of the Power 5 conferences have announced their full schedules for the 2020-21 college football season. 

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The Pac-12 released its full conference-only schedule on July 31. The Big Ten conference released its schedule on Aug. 5. Those two conferences alone have a combined schedule that spans from Sept. 3, when Ohio State plays at Illinois, to Dec. 19, when the Pac-12 will play its conference championship game. 

The ACC, Big 12 and SEC have released scheduling models, but those conferences have not announced dates, opponents and times for those games. 

Sporting News will continue to update the college football schedule as those other conferences makes those decisions. Here’s a look at the 2020 college football schedule that is officially on the books. 

2020 Power 5 college football schedule

Thursday, Sept. 3

Ohio State at Illinois  

Friday, Sept. 4

Indiana at Wisconsin

Saturday, Sept. 5 

Maryland at Iowa  
Minnesota at Michigan State  
Nebraska at Rutgers  
Northwestern at Penn State  
Purdue at Michigan  

Saturday, Sept. 12  

Illinois at Nebraska  
Iowa at Purdue  
Michigan at Minnesota  
Wisconsin at Northwestern  
Iowa at Purdue  
Michigan State at Maryland  
Rutgers at Ohio State 

Saturday, Sept. 19  

Illinois at Indiana  
Iowa at Minnesota  
Wisconsin at Nebraska  
Northwestern at Michigan State  
Ohio State at Purdue  
Penn State at Michigan  
Rutgers at Maryland 

Saturday, Sept. 26  

Purdue at Illinois  
Nebraska at Iowa  
Minnesota at Wisconsin  
Maryland at Northwestern  
Indiana at Ohio State  
Rutgers at Michigan  
Michigan State at Penn State  
Arizona State at Arizona 
Cal at Oregon State 
Colorado at Oregon 
Washington at Stanford 
Utah at Washington State

Saturday, Oct. 3  

Northwestern at Iowa  
Minnesota at Nebraska  
Wisconsin at Maryland  
Michigan State at Michigan  
Penn State at Rutgers 
Arizona at Washington 
Stanford Arizona State 
Utah at Colorado 
Cal at USC 
UCLA at Oregon State 
Oregon at Washington State 

Friday, Oct. 9

Arizona State at Oregon

Saturday, Oct. 10 

Colorado at Arizona 
Washington at Cal 
Oregon State at Utah 
USC at Stanford 
UCLA at Washington State 
Iowa at Illinois  
Nebraska at Ohio State  
Indiana at Minnesota  
Purdue at Wisconsin  

Friday, Oct. 16

Utah at UCLA

Saturday, Oct. 17 

Cal at Washington State 
Colorado at USC 
Oregon at Oregon State 
Illinois at Northwestern  
Rutgers at Purdue  
Michigan at Indiana  
Maryland at Penn State  
Ohio State at Michigan State 

Saturday, Oct. 24 

USC at Arizona 
UCLA at Arizona State
Stanford at Cal 
Oregon State at Washington 
Illinois at Wisconsin  
Iowa at Penn State  
Purdue at Minnesota  
Nebraska at Northwestern  
Maryland at Indiana  
Michigan at Ohio State  
Rutgers at Michigan State  

Saturday, Oct. 31  

Minnesota at Illinois  
Michigan State at Iowa  
Penn State at Nebraska  
Northwestern at Purdue  
Wisconsin at Michigan  
Indiana at Rutgers  
Ohio State at Maryland 
Arizona at Utah 
Arizona State at Colorado 
Washington at Oregon 
Washington State at Stanford 

Friday, Nov. 6

Colorado at Washington

Saturday, Nov. 7  

Illinois at Rutgers  
Indiana at Michigan State  
Maryland at Michigan  
Ohio State at Penn State  
Arizona at Oregon State 
Utah at Arizona State 
Oregon at Cal 
Stanford at UCLA 
Washington State at USC 

Saturday, Nov. 14  

Wisconsin at Iowa  
Nebraska at Purdue  
Northwestern at Minnesota  
Cal at Arizona 
Arizona State at Washington State 
UCLA at Colorado 
USC at Oregon 
Oregon State at Stanford 
Washington at Utah 

Friday, Nov. 20

Oregon at Arizona

Saturday, Nov. 21 

Arizona State at USC 
Utah at Cal 
Colorado at Stanford 
UCLA at Washington 
Washington State at Oregon State 
Penn State at Illinois  
Iowa at Ohio State  
Michigan State at Nebraska  
Michigan at Northwestern  
Purdue at Indiana  
Rutgers at Wisconsin  
Minnesota at Maryland 

Friday, Nov. 27

USC at Utah
Washington State at Washington

Friday, Nov. 28 

Arizona at UCLA 
Cal at Arizona State 
Oregon State at Colorado 
Stanford at Oregon 

Friday, Dec. 4

Cal at UCLA

Saturday, Dec. 5 

Arizona at Stanford 
Arizona State at Oregon State 
Colorado at Washington State 
Utah at Oregon 
USC at Washington 
*Big Ten championship game  

Saturday, Dec. 19

*Pac-12 championship game 

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