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Former doctor launches contact tracing app to support the NHS

Glasgow-based Hamill Digital Healthcare, has developed a new app called SAFE2GO, which will enable visitors to any venue to provide contact details quickly and securely.

Former doctor and managing director Louise Hamill believes the app can help Britain get back to normal by providing vital support to the NHS contact tracers.

Scottish Care, which represents the largest group of social care providers in the UK, is using the app with its members.

Dunn’s Food & Drinks, a wholesale food and drink supplier which supports 2,000 venues across the UK, is working with SAFE2GO to help their customers re-open in line with regulations.


Venues where people come into close contact such as hospitality venues, hairdressers and places of worship have been given guidance by the UK government to collect visitor contact details in a secure way which meets data protection (GDPR) regulations.

SAFE2GO gives businesses a way to allow their visitors to log their contact details by scanning a displayed QR code. This personal data is then encrypted and stored in a cloud-based system before being automatically deleted after a maximum of 21 days. If required, businesses can make the encrypted data instantly available for NHS contact tracers.

The solution will be used across sectors where people socialise and come into close contact, including bars, restaurants, cinemas, stadiums, hospitals, hairdressers, gyms and care homes.


The last few months have seen much back and forth regarding a government decision on the roll-out of a contact tracing app in the UK. In a recent major U-turn, the UK switched from its existing centralised contact tracing app to the technology provided by Google and Apple.  

In late June, the Tracing Ireland’s Population (TIP) app, was launched in Ireland, with a focus on giving users with coronavirus symptoms ownership of their personal data. The app was described as being ‘less invasive than Alexa’. 

It was also revealed that coronavirus rates dropped on the Isle of Wight following the launch of an NHS contact tracing phone app. The island off the south coast of England, went from among the worst R rates in the country in April, to having one of the lowest R rates in the country after the app was launched in May.


Founder Louise Hamill says: “My experience as a doctor gives me a real appreciation for the service the NHS provides and insight into the challenges it faces. We developed this app to provide a solution which will support NHS contact tracers and allow businesses to operate safely by recording personal data and visit times.

“SAFE2GO saves staff time and removes the headache and burden involved in data protection regulations as the business never has access to the personal details which are recorded. Additionally, visitors are given the reassurance that they are visiting a venue which is being proactive about contact tracing and being responsible with their personal data.”

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