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Covid-19 brought face masks to the limelight and showed it’s efficiency in preventing microparticles from getting in our body. There are numerous kinds of best face masks available in the market according to price. The best face masks are mandatory worldwide. Face masks work as protective barriers and prevent the Covid-19 virus to intercept in the body. It is important to wear a mask around infected people because the microdroplet out of their mouth stays in the atmosphere and contaminates the surrounding.



Definition of N95 respirators and Surgical Masks

There are two types of face masks that are widely used nowadays.

N95 respiratory is a tight fitted protective device used against aerial particles. It consists of a valve that has face filtration and helps in filtering Nano airborne particles. They are efficient in bacterial and particulate filtration and are impermeable.
Surgical Masks are light fitting disposable physical barriers that help to protect from fluid and aerial contaminants. They are different kinds of surgical masks depending on the thickness. These factors also determine easy breathing. If worn perfectly it can protect from sprays, huge particles, and splashes.

N95 respirators and surgical masks have some pros and cons. Both of them are tested on different parameters.

Pros of N95 respirators:

  1. According to research N95 masks are most effective in laboratory settings. They are stated as 95% effective and are in huge demand. Acute respiratory infections are effectively prevented by face masks and are transmitted through direct contact and droplet track. These are the best face masks and have a single way passage through which respiration happens unlike other traditional masks available in the market.
  2. N95 masks are best for laboratory locales. They prevent the droplets from intercept through the nostrils.
  3. Some research has also stated the efficiency of surgical N95 is superior to surgical masks.
  4. Advanced models of N95 masks have exhalation valves that help in smooth respiration but are not advisable for clinical settings.
  5. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health Administration Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also governs N95 as best face masks and advises it for respiratory infection.
  6. N95 masks are respiratory defence devices created to obtain block facial fit and are effective infiltration of aerial particles. The edges are completely sealed around the mouth and nose. This protects the wearer from external pathogens.

medical n95 mask

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Cons of N95 respirators

  1. People suffering from respiratory diseases should consult a medical professional before using N95 face masks. These masks can cause difficulty in breathing.
  2. N95 respirators do not perform well for children and people with excessive hair on the face because a tight fit is not possible and thus cannot work properly under these circumstances.

Pros of Surgical masks

  1. Health care professionals treating Covid-19 patients are in frequent contact with the patient that is the reason they consider surgical masks, gloves, eye protection and gown as protective suits.
  2. Surgical masks are light fitted and work as a barrier for the mouth and nose.
  3. surgical masks can be used by everyone.

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Cons of Surgical mask

  1. Normal surgical masks lack valves that help to kill pathogens and restrict their entrance through it.
  2. Surgical masks are single time use and need to be disposed of after one use.

blue medical surgical mask

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Summing Up

N95 masks superficially gave a technology boost from traditional masks made of cotton cloth. These masks are technically the best in the market till now and the demands are increasing with every passing day. In this hour of crisis one should not step out without the best face mask avoiding this can lead to respiratory disorder and Covid-19. However N95 respirators are generally used by health professionals. Explicitly for one-time use and are disposable. Some of the best face masks can be decontaminated depending on a few factors like the unavailability of masks and it can only be decontaminated under standard criteria.


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