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Jenna Marbles’s boyfriend suspends YouTube channel in her support

Jenna Marbles’s boyfriend suspends YouTube channel in support of lady love

Julian Solomita, Jenna Marbles’s boyfriend has decided to partake in a YouTube hiatus with his girlfriend after addressing her decision on TwitLonger.

In the long post, Julian claims he will also be taking a break from his own YouTube channel to support his lady love.

The news of Jenna’s departure from the virtual space was taken as quite the shock for she has always held the title of the most subscribed-to female artist on YouTube for a large amount of years.

In his post he clarified that he plans to “be returning to the internet,” but for now he is “taking care” of Mourey who recently uploaded a tear jerking video addressing old offensive content which she posted on her channel in the past.

Julian wrote, “Jenna is the strongest person i know. but no single person is meant to handle the pressure of pleasing the entire internet week in and week out for a decade.”

“The mental and emotional toll that takes. and the conflicting emotions at play when she inevitably makes the decision to step away. that decision has come. [sic]”

He believes this decision will aid her in entering a “new chapter” in life and will come out of this feeling “like a person again.”

Addressing all trolls and hater Julian stated, “If anyone deserves a walk into the sunset it’s jenna. She’s been a beacon of light for so many people. she’s shared her humility, kindness and love with all of you. she’s allowed you into her life with open arms and internet hugs. now it’s time jenna takes care of jenna. [sic]”

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