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First skin checking app listed on EMIS App Library

Miiskin is the first skin checking app to be listed on the EMIS App Library, a database for clinicians in England of health apps reviewed by NHS Digital’s Digital Assessment Questions (DAQ) framework. It is also one of fewer than 100 apps to be listed on the NHS Apps Library.

The app, which is supported by dermatologists and the British Skin Foundation, uses smartphone cameras and AI to help users track new and existing moles and skin marks.

The app is very clear that it is not to be used as a diagnostic tool but rather to help track the progress of skin abnormalities. John Friis, founder and CEO of Miiskin, asserts that “Miiskin doesn’t aim to encourage patients to self-diagnose,” but can assist clinicians and patients in their understanding of their skin.

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The app enables users to keep an eye on their skin, monitoring its condition and empowering them to seek medical help if they note any concerning changes. It also helps clinicians to have a better understanding of the rate of change in their patients’ skin, better informing their diagnoses and treatment suggestions. 


The EMIS App Library was set up by AppScript® as an unbiased database of health apps that have been tested against particular criteria, including: effectiveness; clinical safety; data protection; security; usability and accessibility; interoperability; and technical stability.

Only those that perform highly in the DAQ are listed in the EMIS App Library. The DAQ framework is also used to assess apps for the NHS Apps Library. The libraries ensure that GPs and clinicians can recommend their patients effective, useful apps that produce meaningful results. Over 60% of patients recommended an app through the EMIS App Library go on to install it.

EMIS and human data science provider IQVIA have collaborated to make Miiskin available for referral by 58% GPs in England.

Miiskin has been downloaded 500,000 times since its release, with 65,000 installs in the UK alone.


Miiskin is the first skin monitoring app to be recommended by GPs. This comes off the back of a recent study that criticised apps that claimed to detect early signs of skin cancer as having “poor and variable performance.”

The app is also available through ORCHA, another app library used by the NHS to rate health apps and ensure patients have access to the best possible digital health options available to them.


Brian Clancy, associate director, IQVIA and responsible for AppScript®, said: “We believe that high quality digital health apps work best for all parties when recommended by clinicians using workflow-integrated tools such as EMIS App Library by AppScript®. We’re highly selective in which apps are included within the library. We welcome Miiskin in joining us in our mission to help clinicians connect the right patients to the right digital therapeutics at the right time.”

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